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Murphy Insurance Group of Richmond Kentucky specializes in small commercial risk coverage as well as residential auto and home.   We are an INDEPENDENT AGENCY.  This means we do not have upper echelon company that requires us to PUSH products one you to fill quotas.  Rather than having only ONE insurance company to quote you, we have software in place that will send out your risk requirements to as many as 17 insurance carriers.    Take a look at the bar above to see some of our licensed carriers.

We are also certified to assist with Kentucky Connect Health Plans.  Please contact us today for a NO OBLIGATION consultation.  We promise there will be no pressure sales.  We advise all clients to take time in making risk protection decisions.  This is one of the most important items in your budget.  Make sure you take the decision seriously.

National studies have shown that people like to have a local agent that they can feel comfortable with.   Telephone agents and web-only agents just don’t fit the need.

With more than 17 years of SMALL BUSINESS experience, we know your needs and we can customize a policy that will protect your business and your investments.

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Professional Insurance Agents of KY

 Binders MUST be in writing .  No VERBAL coverage is offered by Murphy Insurance

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