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Here at Murphy Insurance we understand the needs of aviators …because we are aviators ourselves.   We know what you need and how to best aranage a policy to get the best coverage at the best price.

Murphy is pleased to offer several types of coverage. The following is a brief description of the coverages we offer. For complete information on these coverages, please contact one of our agents today and feel comfortable knowing we will do the shopping for you.

Murphy Insurance Group provides solutions with some of the broadest coverage in the industry for all types of pleasure and business (P&B) aircraft – From gliders to antique aircraft, single-engine pistons to multi-engine turbines and light jets. Whether you’re a student pilot, experienced pilot or are moving up to a new aircraft. Aviation Insurance

Aircraft Policy

Aircraft Liability arising out of the ownership, maintenance and use of aircraft is now currently available for limits of liability up to $5,000,000 each occurrence with passenger sub-limits up to $250,000, dependent upon your client’s needs; or alternately, for the well-qualified risk, up to $5,000,000 single limit each occurrence including Passenger Bodily Injury without sub-limits, subject to the receipt and evaluation of certain informational requirements.

Various other Aircraft Liability coverages are available including Medical Expense and Cargo Legal Liability; Renter Liability and Non-owned aircraft liability coverages are also available. This is not a comprehensive list; ask your insurance representative for more details concerning your specific insurance needs.

Aircraft Physical Damage coverage is available up to $2,500,000 each aircraft for both fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft.

Airport Policy

General Liability Coverage is available for Airport Owners, General Lessees and Tenants, including private tenants and Fixed Base Operators (FBO), on airport property for liabilities arising out of the ownership, maintenance or management of Airport Premises Operations. Products and Completed Operations (PCO) coverage as well as Hangarkeeper’s Liability (HKLL) coverage are also both available.

Airport Owners and General Lessees may be eligible for limits up to $5,000,000 each occurrence/aggregate as applicable for Premises Operations, Hangarkeeper’s and Products and Completed Operations coverage, PROVIDED that all HKLL and PCO exposures are contingent in nature, performed by third party tenants on the airport, otherwise the same sub-limits will apply as shown below for tenants and FBO’s.

Tenants and FBO’s may be eligible for Premises, HKLL and PCO coverages.

Premises operations coverage is available up to $5,000,000 each occurrence.

Products and Completed Operations liability is limited to $100,000 each person,$1,000,000 each occurrence/aggregate.

Hangarkeeper’s legal liability is available with limits currently up to $1,000,000 each aircraft, $1,000,000 each occurrence.

Additional Airport Liability coverages are available including Premises Medical Payments, Fire Legal Liability, and Personal and Advertising Injury. Independent Contractors and Contractual liability may also be considered.

Tips to reduce your Aviation Insurance rates

If you have a plane, there may be a few ways you can reduce your rates that you may not know about. Of course, it depends on which company you are insured under but a few methods are:

Obtaining an instrument rating
*  Keeping your aircraft in an enclosed hangar
*  Participating in a pilot proficiency program (for example, the FAA’s Wings program)
*  Increasing your flight time
*  Maintaining a claim-free status for a certain period of time
*  Tweak your coverage during the month(s) you know you won’t be flying
(for example, if you don’t plan on flying all winter call us to see if your coverage can be reduced to storage only)

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