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An Independent Approach To Car Insurance 

Many consumers are finding they can drive down the cost of car insurance—and the time it takes to select the right policy— by contacting an independent insurance agent or broker.Because they represent many different insurance companies, independent agents have the flexibility to review rates and coverage from competing carriers and get you the best deal. Plus, they can offer affordable protection for your home, business and other assets. So rather than spending hours gathering quotes from various companies, you can get it done with one simple call or visit to your independent agent or broker.   Its like going to a store…an Insurance Store and trying on several policies to see which fits best.  You wouldn’t go to a store with only one style would you?   Why shop for Insurance that way.  The big guys that claim to be good neighbors can only offer you one line of insurance and that is usually what’s best for them …not you.

Here are a few things to consider:

What’s your lifestyle? Many factors determine auto insurance rates, not just vehicle year, make and model. Companies also look at information about you. If you’ve recently moved, gotten married, had a birthday or experienced a similar life milestone, mention this to your independent agent or broker. You may be eligible to save money on your car insurance.

Sweet 16 doesn’t have to be sour. Having a new teenage driver usually means the auto insurance bill will go up, but there are ways to save.  As an independent broker, we can find the right policies with the right prices based upon your needs and risk requirements.  PLEASE …help me out a little, make sure your teen takes a “drivers ed” course.

How old is your car? You don’t always need the same level of physical damage coverage on older cars as on newer ones. If you drive an older car, we can advise you what level of coverage makes the most sense. If you want to keep your physical damage coverage, consider raising your deductible—that could save you money each year, too.

You may also want to consider separating your homeowner’s policy from your car insurance policy. Bundling your homeowner’s policy with your car insurance doesn’t always save you money. It may, but let us shop it for you by looking at separating the policies— the discount you may have gotten for keeping them together may be outweighed by the lower price another company might have for your car insurance.  Sometimes insurance companies may need more homeowners policies than auto this year to balance risk.  They call this their RISK APPETITE.  It changes based upon seasons, weather and lots of other things.  But keeping on top of your insurance needs allows you to get the best possible coverage at the best price.

•Save money on the fun stuff. If you have a motorcycle, boat, RV or other “toy,” you might save money by having it covered by the same company that insures your car.

Talk to us TODAY to see if we can help.  It doesn’t cost you anything to check us out and we may find you enough savings so you can take that extra few vacations days this year. 🙂

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