Distracted Driving

wreckPrevent Distracted Driving and Save Lives

Distracted driving is a dangerous safety risk.


  • DON’T text while driving. Texting causes drivers to drift out of their lane about 10 percent of the time.
  • DO put away your phone and any other electronic device to prevent temptation.
  • DO pull over to a safe location and park before talking on your phone.TEXTING
  • DO consider an app that can prevent you from texting while driving and keep you safer on the road.


  • DO secure loose items so they don’t roll around in the car while you’re driving.
  • DO adjust the navigation system, seats, mirrors, climate controls and radio before leaving the driveway.
  • DON’T eat while in the car.
  • DON’T apply make-up, groom or dress in the car.
  • DO secure children into their seats and pets into their carriers before departing.
  • DO enlist the help of your passengers or safely pull off the road if another activity requires immediate attention.


  • DO lead by example so friends and family members can see your commitment to safety.
  • DO speak up and be a good passenger by reminding other drivers to follow these rules.
  • DO talk with younger drivers about the dangers of distracted driving.
    Make a family pledge where everyone commits to safe driving.


  • Staying off your phone and avoiding other distractions can help prevent
  • accidents. Drivers with accident and violation-free records could save up to 20% on their auto rates.
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