Special Events

What is Event Insurance ??

Special Event Liability & Property Damage Insurance is a specialty insurance policy designed to indemnify you (the insured) from certain types of claims arising from accidents taking place during a covered event, (such as a wedding).  It offers you protection from damage to the facility caused by a guest or vendor, and bodily injury to guests you are found liable for during the event. It is written in a manner that meets the insurance requirements that most venues require for you to host an event at their location.

Per Event Limits**:

$2,000,000.00    General Liability Aggregate 
$1,000,000.00   GL Products/Completed Operations 
$1,000,000.00   GL Personal/Advertising Injury 
$1,000,000.00   Each Occurrence 
$300,000.00   Damage to Premises Rented to You 
$5,000.00   Medical Expenses 
None General Liability Deductible

**Additional coverage available up to $10M per Occurrence / $10M Aggregate


      • Host liquor liability provided (those not in the business of serving and selling)
      • Artist Liability
      • Attendance Limitation
      • Contractual liability
      • Set up and take down included (one day before & one day afterward)
      • The facility can be named as an additional insured at no extra cost
      • Volunteers can be named additional insureds
      • Multiple additional insureds can be added for an additional premium
      • Rented Equipment coverage is available for an additional premium
      • Transportation Insurance (Non-Owned Hired Auto) is available at an additional premium
      • Waiver of Subrogation available for an additional premium

Additional Coverage Types Available:

      • Event Cancellation
      • Prize/Indemnity
      • Weather


      • Aircraft & Balloon Events
      • Aircraft or Watercraft
      • Animals
      • Asbestos
      • Assault & Battery
      • Body Piercing
      • Bounce House or Inflatables
      • Bungee Jumping
      • Circus and Carnivals
      • Collapse of Temporary Structures
      • Communicable Diseases (Hepatitis, TSE, HIV, HTLV or AIDS)
      • Employment Related Practices
      • Expected or Intended Injury
      • Fungi or Bacteria
      • Hang Gliding
      • Hot Air Ballooning
      • Kayaking
      • Lead Liability
      • Mechanical Amusement Devices

Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

We understand that special day you have been waiting for your entire life can be stressful.

Will the weather be just right?
What if one of us becomes sick or involved in an accident and we have to postpone?
What happens to all our deposits?
Who will cover the expenses to reschedule?

Dont wait until the last minute.  You will have enough stress getting everything ready.  Take about an hour and sit down with us so we can ease your mind and allow you to focus on all the other details.  We will discuss your plans and come up with aWedding Insurance Plan to match your needs. We have access to many carriers that insure you and your special event.  We can handle risk coverage ranging from small simple weddings to elaborate gala events.   If the event is large enough we can even place your risk with Lloyds of London the well known underwriter of events such as the Royal Wedding, or celebrity weddings.

Our plans start as low as $160.  The Wedding Protector Plan® is special event insurance coverage, which provides several different types of coverage and coverage enhancements for your special day, your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. For example, you also have the option to add liability insurance which includes an option to add liquor liability. With our litigious society, you don’t want to encounter a guest that has enjoyed “too much fun” becoming involved in an auto accident on the way home for your event.  Liquor Liability is a serious concern.

The coverages listed below are all available on a single policy and can be purchased with increasing limits of coverage.

Murphy Insurance plans can cover:

  • Cancellation / Postponement
  • Lost Deposits
  • Additional Expenses
  • Event Photographs & Video
  • Event Gifts
  • Special Attire
  • Special Jewelry
  • Liability Insurance (optional coverage)
  • Liquor Liability (optional)

Total Cost of a Wedding Protector Plan® Policy

For as little as $160, let Murphy Insurance protect your financial investment while offering you peace of mind as you plan your special day.


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