Fall means the air gets a little cooler, the leaves start to change colors and football season is in full swing. Part of the fun of going to a the BIG GAME is to pack up the grill, load up the cooler, and to tailgate before going into the stadium.

Whether the tailgate serves as a chance to grill some food, or enjoy a cold drink, it’s the perfect pre-game tradition.  In some places tailgating is an art form. For example, at University of Kentucky, more than two-thirds of fans spend five hours tailgating before a game. That art form includes picking the right vehicle to drive to the game, bringing some games, and stocking up on the right supplies. Beyond the all-important food and drink choice, here are a few things to remember before you head off to the big game.tailgate2

  • Be sure to put plenty of ice in your cooler, particularly if you are bringing raw or uncooked meat. It’s important to keep meat cold before cooking to prevent food poisoning.
  • After your tailgate is finished, throw away all food that may spoil. Leftovers may be tempting after the game, but they may also be dangerous.   Did you know you could get sued for causing food poisoning?
  • Make sure you can see properly and that there are no items in your way, such as bottle or cans before starting to drive.

Comprehensive RV or Auto Insurance: ….Do You Have it?

While you may have basic coverage, comprehensive  (or Other than Collision ) insurance is the only way to protect your vehicle during a tailgate party, regardless of the damage that’s done to it. Tailgating without insurance means that you run the risk of sustaining damages on your RV or Auto that you won’t be able to pay for.   A badly thrown football to the hood can cause many hundreds of dollars of damage… or a broken side mirror can ruin your big day…..seriously!

tailgate3Never Drink and Drive

Pregame tailgate parties are fun. Don’t ruin the party by drinking and driving.

When everyone arrives to the tailgate, make sure those who are driving don’t drink. Never give the keys to your car to anyone who has even had one beer, and don’t drive if you have been drinking. If you need someone to run an errand to get more supplies, designate a sober driver….NOT JUST SOBER ….but designated NO ALCOHOL CONSUMED driver.  I have several clients that have seen their insurance payments go from $40 a month to $275 or more per month over a few too many beers.

  • If any guests have been drinking alcohol, make sure they don’t get behind the wheel. They may think they’re sober after the exhilaration of the game, but it’s more important to be safe.  If you’re the one that served them…you could also be sued if they get into an accident, either by them or the person that they hit.

Don’t find yourself in this position or worse …someone getting hurt or killed.   Having fun at the game is a great part of life.  Go ahead …have a few beers… but make sure there is ALWAYS someone that sits this one out so everyone is safe.   There is always the option of calling a cab and coming back for your car later.

Watch the Barbecue

While barbecue fires rarely get out of control, someone should be watching it at all times.

  • If you’re grilling, make sure to bring a fire extinguisher….ALWAYS …ALWAYS …ALWAYS!!
  • If you’re using a charcoal grill, make sure to cool the coals properly before putting them in a garbage container or back in your car.  Better yet ….. DON’T put them back in your car.   Find a metal garbage bin and throw them out.

If you think the fire is too big, don’t add anymore fuel to the flames. Always keep your barbecue away from your vehicle and in an open space. If damage is done to your vehicle because of barbecue issues, notify your insurance agent immediately.


How cool is this? Bar-B-Que grill mounted to bumper hitch.

Regardless of how often you tailgate every year, comprehensive insurance is necessary when you want full protection for your vehicle.

The folks at Murphy Insurance Group can be seen at almost every EKU home football game.  Look for the RV with the big MURPHY banner and stop by for a burger with us.



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